Business is obviously booming in India and China.  This is the common perception, India ranks 2nd in IPO, 4th in M&As.   Villages don’t seem to be left behind. Last week, I heard from one of my friends that a barber (usually considered a lower class of economic strata) has put his son on the “management seat” in an engineering college. 

Ysterday, On my way to office, I went past the American School , a FORD Endevor (costs around 15L ?) pulled up near the school gate. There was a lonely looking girl who got out and went inside the school. The driver parked the vehicle there and had to wait.

 When I rode few yards further, there was an MTC bus which had around 70 passengers broke down. All of them were stranded and shouting. I could only think of the time the passengers were wasting and they trouble and tension they had to undergo when they reach their work locations (or anyother destinations they were set to). Productivity !!!

Two Inferences :

1.  Economic Divide is massive.  A ford Endevor for a school girl vs a dilaphitated MTC bus for masses.

2. India and Productivity growth are Antonyms