I wanted to break the long hiatus from blogging. What better day than to do it than the Independence Day of my mother land. 

When I was about to return from UK, I called a friend from there and informed him of my impending departure from the “Empire”.  I sounded very excited to meet up with friends and family. He quipped back … “You sound so excited about your return to your mother country “.   Frankly, this “mother country” theme NEVER turned me on.  Its just my family and friends. 

I am still wondering why we celebrate this Independence Day. It sounds so hollow here.   If you had lived in a western country you would know the difference.  Mediocrity and resistance to change has become the norm of this country. It’s so silly to hold the parade on republic and independence days and shows of the military toys. We have been doing the same thing over for 60 years. The toys are not great anyway. The speech is listened by none. Whatever speech the leaders give is not going to be followed by them. This is what I call resistance to change and mediocrity.

 I would touch upon economics, a subject dear to my heart. Economically, India is in a better shape than before. No doubt. In terms of preparedness for the future, we are a long way off. One small shock, we are at great risk. You might have noticed the big clamour that ensued the dollars descent from 43 to 40. This is a harbinger of the times ahead.

Enough said. This could be the icing on the cake of Independence Day celebrations. 

You can turn to me and ask “This is a nice rant but how are you helping the cause ?”. I say “Forget the cause; I am trying to make you understand so that you save your ass”.