October 2006


I asked an economist and a realist….

 His reply – “there is no best measure of wealth. It is entirely subjective. you can define wealth however you see fit, but that doesn’t mean your definition is the same as mine. “

David R. Henderson and Charley Hooper argue that most of us are rich.

Except for the few hundred thousand who are homeless, the Americans whom the U.S. government defines as poor live exceptionally rich lives. In most ways, their lives are better than those of kings and queens just 200 years ago. Consider the quality and quantity of our food, clothing, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, stereo systems, and automobiles. King Louis XIV of France had a greenhouse so he could eat oranges. The poor in this country can eat an orange every day, regardless of season. King Edward III of England could summon the royal musicians to play music. The poor in this country have a wide variety of music at their command, 24 hours a day, played note-perfect every time. Edward III lived in a dark, smelly, cold castle. Even the worst houses in this country are more comfortable and have electric lights, too. Care to live without showers and flush toilets? The kings of England and France had to. Next time you see a Shakespeare play in which kings and princes cavort, remember that royalty in Shakespeare’s day had rotten teeth, terrible breath, and body odor that would make you keel over.


2 US Researchers Win Nobel for Work on Genes

US duo win physics Nobel for backing up Big Bang

Stanford professor wins Nobel chemistry prize

I dont think  Economics Nobel will go anywhere outside USA.  USA rocks with intellect and innovation.

Oh yeah, India is the “knowledge super power” 😉

Having returned to India, the most apalling thing I find in India presently is the healthcare condition.

 Chikun Guniya is sweeping accross the states. I thought TN was the worst hit, but high denisty state of kerala is reeling under the virus consuming 40 people already.

Other dangers lurking :

 Dengue claims AIIMS student, 2 are in ICU

12 fresh polio cases reported