MindTree out to teach errant staff a lesson

MindTree, a $100 million software services company based in Bangalore, announced to have taken initiatives to stem the malpractices indulged in by a section of employees hoodwinking the employers for gains by any means. 
The move comes close on the heels of the initiatives undertaken by some frontline companies like Wipro. 
According to MindTree, the company asked around 10 per cent of the people it had hired during the last financial year to leave the organisation as they were found to be indulging in malpractices – ranging from false experience certificates to fake payslips. MindTree hired close to 800 people during 2005-06. 
“What is shocking is that they had the required expertise to get through our recruitment process and earn pretty well. They did not need to resort to such malpractices,” Subroto Bagchi, COO, MindTree, said.  

MindTree, on its part, has come out with a book titled ‘All About Integrity’ for all stakeholders of MindTree, including its employees and partners. 
This book will also be circulated to other organisations, including educational institutions so that issues are understood at a larger social level. 

This doesn’t sound correct. If they had the required experience/expertise are they FOOLS to put fake experience ?

They mention the loosely used “I” word. INTEGRITY…

If mindtree goes public with this sacking etc, they are going to be out of business soon.

With the talent shortage that indian companies are facing now (and companies recruiting BSc grads from villages) all these sacking will make most people avoid joining mindtree.

Suppose I am looking for a switch, will I think about attending Mindtree interview after reading the news (even though I haven’t put fake ex) ? Not a chance ,coz I never know what they will use the “I” word for.  

Oh yeah, I don’t want to receive books on Integrity. I have enough to read already.

My Verdict : 

SACKING is their prerogative. They better stop with that. Preaching integrity is overcooking it.