‘An oscar isn’t the ultimate reward’ says Kamal. From the interview 


Your fans want your talent to be recognised in the West.

They should stop dreaming of an Oscar for me. Oscar isn’t the ultimate reward for an Indian actor. Hollywood doesn’t allow us to participate on an equal level; we can participate only as foreigners. It cannot be a world endorsement of cinematic excellence. It doesn’t even endorse American cinema fully. My dream project is to create a film festival like Cannes in Chennai where the top prize would be one million dollars. Then we’ll have Hollywood participating without reservation.


This is laughable.  Does he think if Indian films are allowed in the same category as American films, we stand a chance ?

Doesn’t he understand that  one million dollars are peanuts for Hollywood. Spielberg tops stars’ income list and makes $ 400 million per year.  I wonder what makes him feel that $1m will make hollywood come running to chennai.

 TN “koothadis” are schizods for sure and Kamal tops the list. Sticks his neck so that no one mistakes him for a normal person.