An Australian researcher says a 4-6 hour work day is the key to happiness.

WORKING four to six hours a day is the key to happiness, according to a new report. “We’ve structured our lives so the majority of our waking life is devoted to work, which might bring us more money but doesn’t make us more fulfilled,” Dr West said.

She said the concept of the four- to six-hour working day – originally flagged by economist John Maynard Keynes in the early 1900s – would even help productivity.

Dr West’s research shows most people would rather work longer hours and have more money than have extra leisure and family time. She said people who don’t have money and who don’t value work as their number one priority often risked being ostracised, or dubbed as lazy. “It’s difficult to be someone who places priority on leisure if you’re surrounded by people who just care about money, or care about it more than other things,” Dr West said.

Lets take chennai where I used to work. I see people stay (not sure if they “work”) in office from 9 AM to 8:30 PM. That makes it close to 12 hours. On an average more than 1 hour is spent on travel daily. 

Little do they recogonise the importance of life, they continue to drudge daily.