This woman is special. She continues to brave the world in her fight against Cola companies.

From Pesticide inside: colas still unsafe, says green body

Three years after it shocked the nation with a report showing exceedingly large amounts of pesticide content in leading soft drink brands, an environmental organisation here has come up with a more shocking report: the harmful content has only gone up since.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Wednesday released its second study on pesticides in soft drinks, showing three to five immune-suppressive pesticides again in 11 brands.

A fresh survey conducted by it has found that all the 11 brands of the Coke and Pepsi family had on an average 24 times more pesticide residues than what it had found in 2003.

Indian celebrities (who are mostly insane of folks) continue to endorse these brands.

Most pathetic is the news channels, they get their biggest revenue from the Cola company Ads.  I wonder how they will make this an issue 😦