These days I get so much stupidity from India which inspires me to start INDIA APPALLS series of posts.

Here is the management edition, consider this (from ET):

Lal Beni, who perhaps never went to school and works as a sweeper in National Thermal Power Corporation, draws an annual package of Rs 8,68,146. One Safal Ram working as a helper in the company enjoys a handsome package of Rs 8,98,369 per annum, according to the annual report of the Corporation.

[…] Satbir Singh, a driver who discontinued studies after 8th standard, earns Rs 9,18,941 per annum which is few thousands less than R D Kapoor, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and holds an MBA degree, and serves as Director in the same company and takes home Rs 10,62383, the report says

I feel gutted on this, as I am a share holder of NTPC.

Equally dismal is the ET article on the same. They could have done bit more research on this.