From AP

Indian software giant Infosys Technologies Ltd. remotely opened Monday’s trading session on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange from the southern city of Mysore, in a demonstration of how technology is making borders increasingly meaningless.

The opening, broadcast live from Mysore to Nasdaq’s screen in New York’s Times Square, came as Infosys celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Infy’s PR is damn good. Infact, they are miles ahead of other Indian IT companies.

Another company which comes close to Infy is Reliance. Today Forbes announced..

In its latest rankings of 40 largest corporations in India based on sales, assets and market valuation, Forbes put Reliance on top, even ahead of Indian Oil, despite having half of its sales.

The state-owned oil major has been ranked fourth. “Reliance is the world’s leading producer of polyester yarn and fibre and ranks in the top five to ten global producers of many petrochemical products. It accounts for 8 per cent of India’s exports worth $5 billion,” Forbes said, adding the number should grow significantly.