Scientific summarizes a new paper on the East India Company, “Rogue Captains Built First Global Market“:

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the East India Company established a monopolistic trade network on the high seas, gaining immense wealth and influence at home in England. . . . Along the way, enterprising ships’ captains engaged in private trading of their own, abusing company resources for personal gain. Now, researchers at Columbia University have shown that it was this illicit trading, rather than officially sanctioned activity, that was directly responsible for the creation of the first global market and the success of the East India Company.

I wouldn’t blame the East India Company (or the english for that matter). If they came to us to loot, why on earth did we allow them ? Ok, history apart.

The present situation is no different. All corporations come to India utilise the cheap labour and improve their profits. Will this trend take India to stardom . N E V E R !!

Its astounding, the level of ignorance in India. When I argue about this “ignorance”, one of my friend always retaliates saying “even US is ignorant and stupid, otherwise why would they chose Bush”.  This counter point doesn’t hold any ground, USA (West in general) can afford to be stupid for two reasons

1. Their governance and administration is strong and knowledgable. They can guide the ignorant people

2. They are already wealthy and have an excellent social set up. They can idle at home and still lead a decent life.