India is in big time confusion now.

I would only equate India with a woman-who-recently-turned-whore. After having few nights, she is confused whether to give up or continue. Both roads are equally queasy.

India is being raped by pakistan but it doesnt have guts to resist/retaliate. PM seeks G-8s help to fight against terror. G-8 ?  Wonderful.

Isreal as we know is very strong, just because few soldiers were kidnapped, they ruined most of Beirut where as India is seeking G-8s help. This sounds shrill.

Chandra  asks some pertinent questions,

Indian government condemns Pakistan for supporting terrorists but we are friends with Iran that supports Hamas and Hizbollah and is now indirectly waging war (using Hizbulla) against Israel to shift the world focus from its nuclear weapons program.

CLUELESS is our position, sorry If I have put it mildly here !!!

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