Football worldcup quarterfinals was one of the games I was keenly looking forward to.

Two games which had lot of promise were Eng vs Portugal and France vs Brazil.

I wanted Portugal to go through. English were creating too much fuss (particularly the press). Portugal went through. An incredible miss from Gerard (my fav footie player). C. Ronaldo converting the final one to seal englands fate. I was overjoyed and set up nicely for the next match Brazil vs France with a nice Scotch Whiskey. Ram, my college friend was here and we thought we are going to have a nice game. ALL RUINED.

 France scored with Theirry Henry (arguably the one of the best in business). I can’t believe he was left unmarked. Its a total let off. I was discussing this with Jaga that brazil are going to win easily etc. I was telling him Ronaldinho hasn’t yet scored and quarters is a good time to start scoring. It all went unbelievably wrong. Its such a heartbreak.

This is the first time Brazil is not in the finals since I started watching football WC 16 yrs ago with Romario and Bebeto. It really ruined my weekend. 😦