What will you do when you face one of those days, when EVERYTHING you do goes wrong.  At the end of the day you feel like a battered car, your soul almost gone out of you.

Today was such a day for me, morning I made a hurried trading ( a SELL) which in normal days I wouldnt have done. The stock went up and I was caught on the wrong side. Then the shower failed, water became Ice chill.  Then the overnight throat infection and earpain gets worse in office and I had to visit the doc. An 3 hour long wait for the doctor results in the doc saying "you have nothing, just gargle and be patient for two days". While returning home I doze off a bit in the bus and lose my Debit card, train prepaid card and mobile top up card. Then the earpain gets worse and fever look to peeps in.

 Geez, I am glad the day is nearing an end, I for one, cant do much, just going to sit and watch Spain vs Tunisia match.