June 2006

I had the following tip off :

K (of Presstalk) comes up with a post, carefully analysing the factors surrounding the grievous Vidarbha suicides

I haven’t read the above post completely yet but I am pained to see 600 people commit suicide in one year. Indias economic growth sounds very hollow.

Here’s a column which Dilip wrote for rediff.com on the same topic.


router.gifFON is a Spanish start-up company with global Wi-Fi in its sights. They have acquired 1 million wireless Cisco-Linksys and Buffalo routers and will subsidize them for $5 each. They are doing this to turn home Wi-Fi networks into hotspots for everyone to enjoy. Big name Internet superstars such as Google and Skype have backed this project.

To participate in the program you have to agree to share your Wi-Fi network for 12 months and if you agree to participate in the program then you are allowed to roam all other FON hotspots free of charge. For those not participating you can still access the FON networks for $3 per day.

[Via ZDNet]
India obviously lacks in such daring moves and likes to live in denial

This is a nice picture of how microsoft holds up against many companies

Click here for a bigger picture

agree with all of the criticism of MS, including their propensity for copying rather than innovating. I think their sheer size, and their ability to throw resources at new ventures has limited their ability to focus and do anything particularly well.

MS has an interesting problem in that they have to satisfy corporate and retail customers. Their monopoly with Windows makes virtually every entity on the planet a potential customer. They have to retain that broad customer base for Windows, but segment the customer base for other products.

Men or woman ?

Oh yes, its the Men..

“When altruism is expensive, women are kinder, when it is cheap, men are more altruistic.”

There is more to be had here.

What will you do when you face one of those days, when EVERYTHING you do goes wrong.  At the end of the day you feel like a battered car, your soul almost gone out of you.

Today was such a day for me, morning I made a hurried trading ( a SELL) which in normal days I wouldnt have done. The stock went up and I was caught on the wrong side. Then the shower failed, water became Ice chill.  Then the overnight throat infection and earpain gets worse in office and I had to visit the doc. An 3 hour long wait for the doctor results in the doc saying "you have nothing, just gargle and be patient for two days". While returning home I doze off a bit in the bus and lose my Debit card, train prepaid card and mobile top up card. Then the earpain gets worse and fever look to peeps in.

 Geez, I am glad the day is nearing an end, I for one, cant do much, just going to sit and watch Spain vs Tunisia match.

As T.N. Ninan writes

The key question to be asked is what effect the gyrations on the stock market will have on the real economy. Will the sharp drop in share prices mean that the real economy too will slow down? That is easy, and the answer is “Yes”. The tricky part is figuring out by how much.

A Pictorial representation is below.. Scary ?

All fall down !!!

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