I didnot know that Jim is the co-founder of Quantum Fund with George Soros but what I did know is, Jim is one of the straight speaking, smart investor. Here is a sample from his latest interview to CNBC.

Q: So you are not buying India only because of the government or is it because of valuations?

A: The market has gone through the roof and I missed the move in India. It is like copper going straight up. I am bullish on copper but I am not buying copper. India is going straight up but I am not buying India right now.

Other thing is that there is a huge number of foreigners flocking into the Indian market. The foreigners are always wrong, when they flock into a market. I have been investing for 40 years. When the Australians started buying Spain or the Japanese started buying Argentina or the Americans started buying Germany, it was the end of the move. Right now, foreigners are pouring into India and it is always a very bad sign.

Q: What is the call on the dollar?

A: Sell it. Do not own US dollar, it is a terribly flawed currency. We are going to see the demise of the US dollar currency in the next decade or so.