Finally Da Vinci code is set for release in India. The Indian censor board cleared the movie without any cuts, but required a disclaimer and insisted that it be shown to adults only. (yeah, the A certificate ;-))

On second thought, Why did India not ban the book ? Oh yeah, not many Indians can read english. Sorry, I may sound too cynical, but I am annoyed at the banning of the film in India and other stuff.  I wonder if we want to go forward as a country or not !!

Atanu  has a wonderful post on the same topic. He is even more caustic on this one…

For centuries, the people of India have endured foreign rule. The lack of freedom—especially that of free speech—has fundamentally altered the character of the average Indian leader. Out of sheer disuse, he (or she) has forgotten how essential a freedom it is. Cowering before authority has become part of their nature. Sometimes they stoop lower than they have been ordered to. Some in India wish to be more Catholic than the Pope…

Banning books and movies is a hoary tradition in India when it comes to the sentiments of the so-called “religious minorities.” Dhimmitude apparently is a part of the DNA of some Indians.

Ignorance is synonymous with India.